ROUS+ is here to ensure you get the profile your business deserves.

Profile raising isn’t just about getting into the papers: it’s ensuring that your whole approach to winning new business and attracting new admirers is one step ahead of your competition. Standing out from the crowd takes time, effort and creativity across all communication channels, from social media, advertising and customer service to video, e-shots and photography.

Our Services

It’s about creating the conversation on every platform, from traditional print media to the most talked about digital channels.

We’re not just PR specialists, we’re skilled across the board. We’re journalists, copywriters, photographers, graphic designers and social media experts. We’ll look after your reputation and have your back in a crisis.


Across traditional and digital platforms, our approach to PR is clear, well thought-out and generates impressive results.

Our focused, strategic blueprint means nothing is left to chance. Your challenges are unique so our approach is the same – creating a bespoke plan not a generic template to ensure you get the outcome you crave.

We’re an intrinsic, crucial, unforgettable part of your team and we’re here to make a difference, each and every month. Our business is founded on relationships, between ourselves, with you and with the tens of thousands of journalists on publications all over the UK, Europe and US.

We’re as good at creative as we are at delivery – excitable, tigerish and prolific combined with methodical, productive and realistic. It’s a mix which sees us generate nationally-recognised campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

And everyone here is as good as the next. We have amassed a truly fabulous team of people who love what they do and all have a role to play.

Read some of our testimonials, see what we do, speak to our clients direct and then come and see us. We’re the boost your business needs.

Crisis Management

The Commercial Union adverts from the 1980s have always stayed with us, indelibly etched in our minds thanks to the classic tagline ‘we won’t make a drama out of a crisis’.

History, though, shows that crises do happen and as much as it can seem tempting to stick your head in the sand and pretend it’s not, showing strength and humility in these times can not only protect your reputation in the short term but have long-lasting impacts too.

With two former NHS crisis chiefs in our ranks we have everything in our armoury to help you tackle the problem head-on. Whether it’s training courses on how to work effectively with the media, strategic internal and external communication planning or hand-holding and reassurance when you need it most, we’re with you every step of the way. And without any drama.

Social Media

For 15 years we have been running social platforms for our clients, from big, ballsy campaigns through to day-to-day management and communication.

We write strategies, we write posts, we engage and we push the boundaries, identifying the right tone for the right platform and ensuring your social message dovetails neatly with your PR outreach.

It’s a quick changing landscape so our mix of old heads and bright young things enable us to maintain relevance regardless of approach.

Of course, social media is time-heavy so we’ve developed a number of ways to help you keep costs down without dialling down your impact.

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Graphic Design

Design is a vitally important part of communicating your message and each project, no matter how small, is approached with the same passion and attention to detail.

We’ll work closely with you, providing a bespoke service from concept to completion to reach a mutual understanding of your company’s image and the desired effect of the project. If you’re not sure about colours or printing options, your advertising is ineffective or brand identity inconsistent, years of experience means we can confidently point you in the right direction.

Even the driest information can be presented in a creative and inspiring way and we add that extra flourish to ensure your message visually stands out. 

Whether it’s a logo, a rebrand, a brochure of an infographic, we’re here to bring your business to life.

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We focus on our clients to deliver our best quality work.

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